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Fitness After Forty

     We at Boomers & Beyond encourage everyone, regardless of age, to exercise--age is relative. There is chronological age; there is physiological age, and the two are NOT synonymous.    

     Regular physical activity can help the body maintain, repair, and improve itself at any age. Most notable benefits that are achieved by increasing your level of activity include:

  • improved endurance
  • increased strength and flexibility
  • greater range of motion
  • improved sense of well-being

     Everyday tasks become easier as your energy level increases. Regular physical activity helps prevent coronary artery disease, as well as risks associated with it. Your health will also improve. Exercise may ease lower back pain and pain from arthritis. It will improve resting blood pressure and resting metabolism. Bone density, glucose metabolism, and blood lipid levels are improved. Exercise performance can vary but, as we age, it is even more important to stay active.

     Exercise increases muscle strength, balance and reduces the risk of fractures that can result from falling. As life expectancy continues to rise, it is important to each of us to live without the fear of chronic disease, frailty, and the need to depend on others. Regular exercise can help eliminate these fears.


What We Offer Our Members
  • Customized personal workout routines made just for your fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle

  • A supportive and encouraging atmosphere; one that accepts you where you are and encourages you to get where you want to be

  • Attention and focus on your unique health concerns

  • A non-intimidating, efficient workout with the bonus of a social experience and increased quality of life

  • Keiser air-compressed strength-training circuit that is hard on the muscles but soft on the joints

  • A complete cardio-strength and flexibility programkeiser



Wellness is more than being physically fit. Begin a customized wellness program today. Visit www.melissapeters.net for information on:

  • wellness workshops
  • individual health assessments
  • customized programs
  • personalized customer service

     Also, click on the logos below to find additional information.

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